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4th day of Navratri dedicated to Maa Kushmanda, know how to worship

Navratri is the best time to worship the nine avatars of Goddess Durga. The fourth day of Navratri, may it be the Chaitra Navratri or Sharadiya Navratri, is dedicated to Goddess Kushmanda. Hence, devotees worship Maa Kushmanda on Chaturthi.

It is believed that since the Goddess had created the Bramhanda out of her smile, hence her name is Kushmanda. She controls the ‘Anahat Chakra’.

Description of Goddess Kushmanda

Maa Kushmanda has eight hands. Hence she is called ‘Astabhuja’. She holds Kamandalu, Dhanush (bow), Bana (Arrow), Lotus, Amrit Kalas (pot filled with nectar), Chakra (discus) and Gada (mace) in her seven hands. And in the 8th hand she holds a ‘japamala’ that can provide all siddhi.

How to worship Goddess Kushmanda

Here is how to worship Goddess Kushmanda. Wear a green coloured dress or saree and worship Goddess Kushmanda. She can be offered cardamom. Then, chant silently this hymn ‘Om Kushmanda Debyei Namah’ for 108 times.

On the fourth day of Navratri, worship and set up the Kalasa and do pranam to Goddess Kushmanda. She loves green colour. Hence, one should sit on a green coloured ‘asan’ when worshipping Maa Kushmanda. Offer her clean water and flower and meditate the name of Goddess Kushmanda.

Hymn to please Maa Kushmanda

Suraa-Sampuurnna-Kalasham Rudhir-Aaplutam-Eva Ca

Dadhana Hasta-Padmaabhyaam Kusmaannda Shubhadaa-Astu Me ||

Chant this mantra. It is also helpful to please the Sun God. By chanting this mantra happiness returns to the family. It will keep you healthy, while will increase your income. Worship Goddess Kushmanda to get rid of all the problems in life.

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