Unemployment rate surges to 7.77% in October: CMIE data

New Delhi: Unemployment rate in the country in October rose to 7.77 per cent compared to 6.43 per cent in September, according to data released by Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE).

Six out of the 25 states showed an unemployment rate in double figures.

These included Haryana at 31.8 per cent, Rajasthan 30.7 per cent, Jammu and Kashmir at 22.4 per cent, Jharkhand at 16.5 per cent, Bihar at 14.5 per cent and Tripura at 10.5 per cent.

Madhya Pradesh recorded the lowest unemployment rate at 0.9 per cent, followed by Chhattisgrah at 0.9 per cent, Odisha at 1.1 per cent and Gujrat at 1.7 per cent.

The CMIE data further revealed that the rural unemployment rate rose to 8.04 per cent in October from 5.84 per cent in September.

At the same time, the urban unemployment rate slid to 7.21 per cent in October compared to 7.7 per cent in September.

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