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Sensex Soars 391 Points, Nifty At An All-Time High


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Mumbai: The sensex on Friday recoiled by an impressive 391 points and closed at 37,556.16 while the NSE Nifty touched an all time high with investors amassing the banking, auto and realty sectors. The sensex remained in the green throughout and reached the day’s high of 37,582.27 after a series of swirl buying, finally ending at 37,556.16.

Interestingly, this is the biggest single-session gain to have taken place after May 31 when the sensex had cascaded 416.27 points. There had been a loss of 441.42 points in the last two sessions due to the hike in policy rate by RBI, which further made loans dearer.

The NSE Nifty too increased by 116.10 points to end at 11,360.80, exceeding the July 31 record of 11,356.50 points. The NSE kept fluctuating between 11,368.00 and 11,249.55. Notably, this is the biggest single day surge since June 29 when it had reached 125.20 points. In the second gains week, Sensex rose by 219.31 points while Nifty increased by 82.45 points.


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