Hide online status to edit sent messages: Check out these new WhatsApp features

WhatsApp is one of the most likely and vastly used application among the users on all three major platforms including Android, iOS, and Desktop. The developers seem to be persistently working on adding new features and improving existing ones by seeing the application’s popularity.

Recently, WhatsApp added some new features for effective chats.

  • It has added a new option to undo ‘Delete for me’. this feature will help in retrieving messages which are deleted by mistake when ‘delete for me’ option is used. WhatsApp has put an option in which the user will have a few seconds to use ‘undo’ to get back the deleted message. Notably, this feature is currently for iOS users only and likely to expand to Android and Desktop users too.
  • In this app, users can now create polls. With the help of this feature, group participants will be able to share polls with other members of the group, 12 members can be added in an approx. Currently, this feature is specific to Android users.
  • One more feature added to this app is who can see if the user is online. This feature will help users in managing who can see them online. As per the new privacy setting, user can now stealth mode by deleting the string ‘online’ in Android sets.
  • In one of the new feature, WhatsApp user can now import recent chats and media. This import backup feature will surely help users make a backup to their crucial and important chats and media.
  • As per the new features, one more interesting feature that has been added to the app is to use the feature for editing the sent text in WhatsApp. If the user has mistyped a message, then this feature will help to edit the message for the Desktop users.
  • WhatsApp has launched call countdown feature which is now placing the call, it would be annoying to wait for three seconds in order to place the calls. Users can immediately place the call when placed it by mistake without notifying the recipient.

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