Mahindra XUV900 Electric Coupe SUV Teased, To debut on Aug 15

Mahindra has been teasing the ‘Born Electric’ range of concept SUVs for some time now. Now, the company has successfully managed to create one of the fastest EVs in the world called Battista after it’s acquisition of Italian design firm Pininfarina, said reports. Pininfarina Battista is a 1900 bhp electric hypercar capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 kph under 2 seconds. It can give competition to luxury cars like Bugatti.

Mahindra is set to launch 7 e-vehicles under the Born electric range of SUVs in India. The company has recently teased about the upcoming Mahindra electric SUV that will be launched under the Born Electric SUV range.

Mahindra XUV900 Coupe electric SUV

Pratap Bose, Chief Design Officer at Mahindra has posted a short teaser about the upcoming electric SUV on social media. The upcoming electric SUV of the company will be designed at Mahindra Advanced Design Europe (MADE).  The upcoming SUV will not only be Born Electric, it will also be a global SUV.

The teaser goes on to show how Mahindra has been incorporating their learnings at Formula E, on their new SUV. Looking at the video released by the company in the past, we can see the fighter jet cockpit-like interior with giant screens behind a futuristic steering wheel.

The SUV will also come with a new design language. The EV SUV will be getting the aerodynamic wheels that will reduce air resistance. With decreasing air drag, we can see an increase in the range of this EV. It will also likely have one of the lowest drag coefficients of any cars manufactured in India.

Mahindra has said that they are creating an all-original design philosophy with this upcoming electric SUV and claimed that it will be just as exhilarating on the road as it is on the race track.

The new electric SUV is speculated to be the XUV900 Coupe. The rumoured new electric SUV is going to be unveiled on 15th Aug, in the UK.

When Mahindra says that they’re putting ‘Sport’ back in electric SUVs, we can’t help but think about the rumoured XUV900 Coupe. Mahindra is all set to unveil their new electric SUV range on 15th Aug, in the UK. The production version of this sporty electric SUV will likely be seen in 2023 or 2024. Mahindra is also set to reveal the electric version of XUV300 in Indian market soon.

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