Ola S1 Pro e-scooter users complains about reverse mode accelerator glitch, sudden shutdowns problems

It seems like Ola Electric Scooter users are facing problems one after another. A few days ago, a Ola S1 Pro parked by the side of the road caught fire and now, Ola S1 Pro electric scooter is reportedly being affected by a reverse mode accelerator glitch and sudden shut down problems.

Users have took to Twitter to complain about this matter. The user shared a video that shows the electric scooter abruptly switching to the reverse mode and picked up an abnormally fast speed. This report came just days after the scooter was spotted catching fire when parked on a roadside. The company responded to that incident and assured an investigation.

Some Ola S1 Pro users have also complained about sudden shutdown problems. This has caused users to look for a charging point in the middle of their ride.

Some users also shared a video on Twitter and YouTube that shows an Ola S1 Pro lying on its side suddenly switched to the reverse mode and started running at a speed that appears much faster than what one could expect in the mode. It seems that this problem is created by a glitch which could be fixed through a software update. However, Ola Electric has not made any comment on this matter yet.

Let us tell you that like the other electric scooters, the Ola S1 Pro also has a reverse mode that helps users to easily park the vehicle in a narrow space or pull it out when it gets stuck in a pothole. The reverse mode  generally have a speed limit set to avoid accidents due to fast speeds when moving backward.

apart from the reverse mode glitch, some Ola S1 Pro users have also reported about sudden shutdown problems. According to reports, the scooter allegedly stops in the middle of the ride even when it have some battery charge left and they have to charge it again to starts it. This causes users to search for a charging station after the shut down. The company has not yet responded to the shutdown problems as well.

Late month, an Ola S1 Pro caught fire while it was parked on the road side. The incident happened in Pune. The company acknowledged the issue later after it become viral on the internet. However, the company has not yet provided any further details on its investigation.

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