US man saves two toddlers from burning car seconds before it explodes

In a heroic gesture, a man in the US saved two toddlers from a burning car just seconds before it exploded

In a heroic gesture, a man in the US saved two toddlers from a burning car just seconds before it exploded.

30-year-old Sam Heiler of Arizona was driving for a weekend gateway with his wife on May 25 when he spotted a car’s engine catching fire in Navajo Country. Without wasting time, Sam pulled over alongside the car to see if his help is required.

Reportedly, the car was carrying a family of four. Although the parents managed to get out of their front seats as they shut down the door, their daughters were locked in the backseat.

This was when Sam stepped in to save the two-year-old and three-year-old girls from being burned alive in the car.

In order to do so, he first threw a rock through the front window to break the glass open and then opened the doors from the inside to pull out the toddlers.

Meanwhile, the tense parents were freaking out, screaming, and punching the windows with their bare hands, Sam told to Fox News.

Sam’s wife Mellissa said that the toddlers’ father started throwing rocks at the back window in panic.

“Dad followed suit, but from the panic, attempted to throw rocks at the back windows where the girls would have been covered with glass and a heavy rock had broken through. All the while, the flames had now spread to completely cover the front hood of the car, and the two- and three- year old are screaming, “Melissa said.

Fortunately, Sam stayed patient and used his logic to open the doors in time and unbuckle the kids from their seatbelts before pulling them out.

Moreover, there was no telephonic reception due to which they were not able to contact emergency services immediately. Sam allegedly used glow sticks from his car to wave at the other drivers on the road.

Eventually, one car stopped and called 911. Finally, the local police and firefighters reached the scene and put out the flames.

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