Miracle Surgery: Boy’s Head Successfully Reattached to Torso after Accident in Israel

Doctors at a hospital in Jerusalem, Israel, successfully reattached a young boy's head to his body after a road accident in Israel.

Jerusalem: In a highly uncommon case, doctors at a hospital in Jerusalem, Israel, successfully reattached a young boy’s head to his torso after a devastating road accident. The ground-breaking surgery, which took place in June, has been hailed as a medical miracle.

The patient, identified as 12-year-old Suleiman Hassan from the West Bank, suffered a severe injury known as ‘internal decapitation’ when his skull became detached from the top vertebrae of his spine. Medically termed as a ‘bilateral atlantooccipital joint dislocation,’ this condition presented an extremely challenging situation for the medical team involved.

Hassan was struck by a car while riding his bicycle, leading to his immediate transportation to Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem. The hospital’s trauma unit swiftly prepared him for surgery as his head was found to be almost completely detached from the base of his neck.

The intricate procedure, which lasted several hours, involved the use of innovative plates and fixations to restore stability to the damaged area. The medical team faced daunting odds, with the boy’s chances of survival initially estimated at just 50 percent.

Following the surgery, Hassan was kept under careful observation at the hospital until his condition improved sufficiently for his discharge. He left the medical facility wearing a cervical splint, which aided in his continued recovery.

Doctors emphasized that they would closely monitor Hassan’s health in the coming days and weeks. Remarkably, the young patient has shown no signs of neurological deficits or any sensory or motor dysfunction so far, indicating a positive prognosis.

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