China: Former Interpol Chief Pleads Guilty to ‘Bribery’

Meng Hongwei was arrested on charges of corruption and later expelled from the Communist Party

Beijing: Ex-Interpol Chief and former Vice Minister of Public Security Meng Hongwei was found guilty at a trial in China on June 20 for accepting $2.1 million in bribes.

Hongwei had gone missing in France, where the Interpol is based. He was arrested on Bribery charges and later expelled from the Communist Party.

Meng’s wife Grace Meng was granted political asylum in France after she claimed that she is worried about her and her children being targeted for kidnapping. She also made a claim that the corruption charges against Meng are politically motivated.

A spokesperson in Tianjin No. 1 Intermediate People’s Court said that Meng Hongwei “showed repentance.” The Court also added that the Verdict will be announced at a “select date or time”.

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