WhatsApp introduces new feature for group calls; Check feature details

WhatsApp introduces new features from time to time to make users’ chatting experience better. Now, the app has brought a new feature called Joinable WhatsApp Groups call. With the help of this feature, users will be able to make voice-video calls from within the group itself and they can join group calls immediately or at any time they want directly from the chat tab.

This feature will be useful to those who use WhatsApp group video or voice calls frequently.

‘Join’ Button 

The new features adds a separate Join button on the group chat window, which will help users to join the group chat if they could not join the call from the start. The join button will be available on the top right corner of the group chat page.

With the help of this button, users can join or drop the ongoing group call. The company said that the new feature has been added to the group call in view of the increasing use of group calling and this will also help users to connect with friends and family instantly.

Group Call Notification

WhatsApp has rolled out the new feature for both Android and iOS users. Besides that, the company has also made improvements to the group calling feature. Now the notification for an incoming group call now shows the name of the group in which the call is made instead of the participants name.

You will be able to know in which group the ongoing call

However, you should note that only people who are part of the respective WhatsApp group can join an ongoing group call. Through this feature, users will be able to know in which group the call is going on.

How Will the feature Work?

Step 1: Once a group call has started on WhatsApp, you can either join the call immediately or at a later time with the help of the joinable group calls.
Step 2: If you choose to join group call latter then you will see a separate tab with a Join button within the group chat.

Step 3: They can tap it to join the ongoing call.

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