WhatsApp Android, iOS and desktop users will soon get these new features

WhatsApp, Meta-owned messaging app, has millions of Android, iOS and desktop users worldwide. So, the instant-messaging app always adds new features for its vast variety of users to make the chat more interactive. New reports have suggested that the app is working on some new features that will be soon available to Android, iOS and desktop users.

The Meta-owned app is reportedly developing a new search option for the contact info page. WhatsApp feature tracker WABetaInfo spotted the new search message shortcut was spotted on WhatsApp beta version With this new search message shortcut, users will be able to make searches straight from the info page of personal contacts and group chats.

WABetaInfo reported that WhatsApp is adding the search shortcut to the redesigned contact info page. Some users are also able to see the same shortcut in group info as well.

The report added that though the search shortcut has been rolled out to some WhatsApp account, it may not appear in certain situations as it is currently a beta version.

Apart from this, the app is also going to add a new message reaction feature for the desktop users especially designed for group chats. With this feature, users can see who reacted to the incoming and outgoing messages in a group.

The new interface will groups reactions, so you can see the list of all people that have reacted to a message by using the same reaction. The new feature is currently under development on WhatsApp beta for iOS and Android.

Earlier, the app rolled out a voice call interface for users that shows a rounded gray rectangular background showing your contact’s name, number, and profile picture, as well as the call duration on top.

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