Use of Unauthorised mobile signal boosters a big concern for DoT

The use of unauthorised mobile signals boosters in India has been a headache for the Department of Telecom (DoT). The department has recently written to the Customs department in connection to the use of unauthorised mobile signals boosters sold by e-commerce firms.

According to reports by PTI, DoT in a letter to Chief Commissioner of Customs and Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) mentioned about the unauthorised use of selected walkie-talkie sets that are being sold on some e-commerce platforms. These particular walkie-talkie sets require the compliance to the regulatory requirement of the DoT.

Apparently, mobile boosters and walkie-talkie fall under the category of transmission apparatus incorporating reception apparatus. The uses of such devices are not permissible unless a valid license in possessed by the user.

It is notable to mention that the DoT’s wireless monitoring group took down more than 100 illegal signal boosters in New Delhi in February 2021. Similarly the DoT officials seized around 400 illegal mobile signal repeaters in 2020.

The unauthorised use of walkie-talkie sets and mobile signal boosters is treated as a crime in our country as it is illegal. The use of such kinds of communicating devices can label you as an anti-social element that can put behind bars for his/ her actions.

The use of the mobile boosters by individuals boosts their mobile signal higher within their area. In the meanwhile, the other users in the area face an issue of low network, frequent call drops and many other issues.

The letter issued by the DoT also states that notice has been issued to many e-commerce platforms for not selling these unauthorised devices.

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