Tired of frequently disconnecting Wi-Fi on you Android smartphone, Try these steps to fix it

Wi-Fi, the wireless technology has changed the way we connect to internet in recent times. Be it work place, public place or home, a Wi-Fi connection can be easily found. However there are times when despite having a Wi-Fi connection we are not able to connect to the internet and this irritates us.

Here are few tips and tricks which can help you in resetting your Wi-Fi connection and get a hi-speed internet on you Android smartphone.

Try Switching on and off your Wi-Fi

If your smartphone is not connecting to a Wi-Fi network or the signal is continuously dropping, you should probably disable you Wi-Fi on your smartphone. After an interval of 30 seconds or 1 minute enable the Wi-Fi. The problem might get resolved. This is one of the tried and tested methods and there are high chances of your problem being resolved.

Try to cut short the distance between your device and router

Sometimes you might be outside of the range of the router’s connection range and face a drop in network. Try of move into the range of the W-Fi router. There are chances that the network signal will get boosted. You can check the status lights on the router. In case if any cable is detached, you can fix it in its place. A Wi-Fi extender or Wi-Fi repeater can be used to boost the visibility and strength of the network.

Confirm the Network Login Credentials

Whenever you are logging into a network, kindly make sure that the Login credentials are exact. If the credentials are incorrect, you can contact the admin panel and request for correct/ updated password.

Mac Address Restrictions

In a Wi-Fi network, network administrators use MAC address filtering to block unnecessary devices. If your device is not connecting to the network, check the network’s admin panel and remove any restrictions that are associated with your device’s MAC address.

You can remove some devices from the list to enable your phone to connect it.

Switching on and off the airplane mode

The Airplane mode on your Android smartphone can help you in sorting out any Wi-Fi issues. The Airplane mode refreshes many network functions like cellular data, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS. Turn on the Airplane mode for around 15-30 seconds. After the particular time frame, switch off the Airplane mode.

Use the following settings to enable the Airplane mode Settings> Network and Internet> Advanced> Aeroplane mode/ Flight mode.

Forget the Saved Network

In the Wi-Fi settings you will find an option known as ‘forget the saved Wi-Fi Network’. Selecting the option will erase the saved Wi-Fi network. Try to reconnect the Wi-Fi network again. There are chances that it will work.

Restart your smartphone

Sometimes restarting your smartphone will enable you to sort out the issue of Wi-Fi network.

Restarting the router

There are times when your Wi-Fi router heats up due to long running period or closed ventilation. If you find that the router has closed ventilation, try to place it in a someplace where it gets ventilation. Proper ventilation will allow the router to cool down and function properly.  On the other hand if your router heats up due to any reason other than ventilation switch it off for few minutes and allow it to cool down. After it cools down, you can restart it and resume your work/ activity.

Reset Network Settings

As you reset the network settings all your old saved networks will get reset. This roughly means that you have to re-register to the Wi-Fi networks with login credentials.

How to enable it- Settings> System> Advanced> Reset options> Reset Wi-Fi, mobile and Bluetooth> Reset Settings

Update your smartphone

Sometimes just updating your smartphone can sort out any Wi-Fi problems that you are currently facing. In order to enable it Open Settings> System>Advanced> System Update

Reset the Router

If any of the above mentioned methods do not work, you can simply reset the Router. Resetting the router will also change the password of the network. Before resetting the router, make sure that you have the default password with you. Enter the default password after factory reset.

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