Samsung may launch third foldable this year

Seoul: Samsung already has two foldable smartphones lineup: Galaxy Z Fold as Galaxy Z Flip and now a new report has claimed that there might be a third foldable in the pipeline.

As per GSMArena, three codenames for foldables are being circulated – B4, Q4 and N4.

Since last year’s names for the Z Flip3 and the Z Fold3 were B3 and Q3, it’s probably safe to assume that the N4 codename belongs to an entirely different foldable handset.

Samsung recently patented a new Galaxy smartphone with a sideways folding display.

According to the patent’s drawings, there is a triple-camera setup and LED flash. The design features a hinge on the lower left-hand side, as well as three magnets to keep the display stuck to the back cover.

The smartphone may come with two-part battery, and that the folding display would be made of Samsung’s UTG (Ultra Thin Glass), the same protective layer that’s used on Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold3 and Z Flip3.

The patent describes the technology that is needed to make a transparent smartphone and can even be used in other electronic gadgets as well, including TVs, monitors, laptops and gaming consoles.

According to the report, the device seen in the patent has narrow bezels and a large transparent screen and an OLED panel is apparently used.

Samsung has shipped four times more foldable devices in 2021 than last year, exceeding the three-fold market growth that analysts expected.

According to the company, the consumer enthusiasm for Samsung foldables is exemplified by the success of the Galaxy Z series.

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