New WhatsApp Features to Roll Out Soon

Keeping in view the changing demands and needs of users the popular App is now coming up with a few new features which are likely to roll out next week

Whatsapp always tries to impress it’s users by introducing new features. Keeping in view the demands and needs of the user the App updates its features almost every week. The popular app is now coming with some new features which are likely to roll out next week. Some of the features are mentioned below but none of these are yet lunched officially.


Whatsapp Dark Mode

The feature is pleasurable for eyes. It can change white background into black. So you will get less strain on eyes while chatting. The other benefit of the feature is it will consume less power saving your battery longevity. The rumors for such a mode have been going rounds for a long time but the news has now been confirmed by WABetaInfo. Facebook is also planning to introduce the feature in its messaging App, Twitter has already introduced it and Instagram is still working on it. Youtube and Google map support the dark mode already.

Consecutive Voice Messages

Whatsapp will automatically play videos which are sent in sequence. In the end of the video whatsapp will give a notification with sound. The next video will play automatically. The user need not to take any action to play the next one. In the last voice message Whatsapp will notify with a sound that the Audio has ended and no more voice is there to play.

Group Call

Whatsapp is going to add a ‘group call’ option on the top of the group chat. Using this feature you can directly start chatting with up to 3 members of the group. This features allows to use both audio and video call in the group. Previously you had to start voice or video call with one contact, then you had to add others to the group.

Video Preview in the Notification Bar

Now videos will play automatically in the push notification bar. You need not to open the app to see the video. You can see it on notification bar. However the releasing time of the feature is not yet fixed, as it is under development. Such option is already available for images and GIFs.

Ranking of Contacts

Whatsapp is introducing a new feature which will rank your contacts. The ranking of contacts will be based on the frequency of the interaction with the contact. The feature is already available for beta users of iOS.

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