Man receives Quinoa seeds instead of Rs 90,000 Camera Lens that he ordered from Amazon

Recently an Amazon user has claimed that he received Quinoa seeds after ordering a DSLR Camera lens worth Rs 90,000.

There have been numerous occasions when we hear about misplacement or faulty delivery on e-commerce platforms. Recently an Amazon user has claimed that he received Quinoa seeds after ordering a Camera lens worth Rs 90,000. What seemed worse is that the seal of the box was broken too.

A Twitter user named Arun Kumar Meher mentioned his issued on Twitter.

He mentioned that he placed an order for a Sigma 24-70 f2.8 lens from Amazon on July 5 and got it delivered on July 6. However, the box did not contain camera lens and was rather filled with Quinoa seeds. “Ordered a 90K INR Camera lens from Amazon, they have sent a lens box with a packet of quinoa seeds inside instead of the lens. Big scam by @amazonIN and Appario Retail. The lens box was also opened. Solve it asap”, said Arun on his official Twitter handle.

He also said, “@amazonIN @amazon is saying they are investigating the case, but how come this happened in the first place. This is totally unacceptable, please solve it asap and send me the lens I ordered or refund my money.”

Amazon replied to the complaint and wrote that, “We get you’re upset. We’d like to help you with this, please reach out to us via DM. We will do our best to assist. Further, please don’t provide your order/account details over DM as we consider them to be personal information.”

The incident was not the first time that there was a misplacement from a seller on Amazon. Recently a woman complained that she had received a cheap smartwatch instead of an Apple 8 Watch that cost Rs 50,900. The cheap smartwatch that the user received cost just Rs 2000.

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