Chinese siblings return 30 new iPhone 14 Pro worth Rs 24 Lakh they found in trash cans

Chinese siblings are being praised online after they returned 30 brand-new iPhone 14 to a courier after discovering them in trash bins.

A brother-sister duo in China’s central province Henan now garnering a lot of praise for their honesty and integrity for returning 30 brand-new iPhone 14 to a delivery guy after discovering them in trash bins at their apartment complex. The 30 new iPhone 14 are estimated to have a value of $30,000 (Rs 24,80,512).
According to reports, the young boy surnamed Chai, found the iPhones in two rubbish bins downstairs on July 7. Then he called his sister upon his discovery of the brand-new iPhones. Following which the siblings found a total of 30 iPhones in the bin.

However, instead of keeping them for themselves they immediately informed the police. Later the police recovered one more phone from another bin outside their block. After investigation, the police found that a delivery person named Liu has left them by accident.
Liu reportedly has arranged the iPhones in five boxes, each containing 10 new iPhone 14 Pro models, on top of the trash cans. Later a cleaner thew away the five boxes into the trash cans thinking they were garbage,two hours after Liu left them there.

The incident was caught on CCTV footage. According to Mr. Liu’s company they contacted the cleaner, who admitted that she had only removed the cardboard boxes to sell later and had left all the phones in the trash cans.

Mr Liu’s manager said that the woman could not access the iPhone casings so threw away phones worth 350,000 yuan for boxes worth 2 yuan.

Later seven more phones were found in the cleaner’s pile of gathered trash, and  four more were located when the courier station posted a notice close to the trash cans where she and her brother discovered the gadgets.

Liu was greatly frightened and then relieved after finding the phones as it would have been impossible for him to pay for the cost of all the phones.

The siblings are now garnering a lot of praise for their honesty and integrity.

“They have literally saved the delivery man’s life,” one person said while another commented, ”Your hearts are more valuable than the phones.”

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