Android Sharesheet Can Not Be Replaced By Third-Party Apps On Android 12

Android 12 Operating System will longer allow users to use third-party apps to replace Android Sharesheet app. The Android Sharesheet app is a pop-up menu which appears on the screen of your android smartphone when you try to share information with other device.

If users can recall, they could easily install third-party apps like Sharedr to bypass the Android Sharesheet UI. By replacing the Sharesheet users could get very different sharing menus across apps.

However, on Android 12 users will have a consistent sharing menu across apps. They will no longer have an option to choose from Android Sharesheet or a Third Party App.

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But, this does not mean that users will be completely devoid of using Third Party App. If a user wants to use a Third Party App, he has to select it and then use it as a target app to share.

Android 12 brings a host of changes for the Android smartphone users, said Google at the Google I/O annual developers conference.

(Source: XDA Developers)

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