Alexa to become smarter and more expensive with next upgrade

Have you ever imagined the integration of Alexa to be more intelligent and conversational, to the point of eavesdropping and answering more complex topics? The big news is that Amazon is working on updating its Alexa voice assistant to be more conversational. With this, Amazon intends to introduce AI Gen functions and charge a monthly subscription fee that will not be part of the Amazon Premium subscription to offset the update costs.

According to sources, Amazon plans to launch a generative AI version of Alexa later this year, this project supports Amazon’s efforts to compete with new generative AI-powered Chatbots such as ChatGPT-4, OpenAI’s Omni, and Google Gemini 1.5.

This version will be more expensive because it will require a monthly subscription in addition to the $139 per year that Amazon Prime members pay. So far, Amazon has not yet set a price, but a source told CNB that the estimated price is 2 cents per query and $20 per month.

In January of this year, an Amazon report mentioned that this updated version as “Remarkable Alexa” that would likely be released on June 30, and this new information reinforces what was previously mentioned.

Updates to Alexa will give it more clarity in conversational sentences and this will allow it to perform multiple functions, making it powered by a large language model (LLM). In a letter written by Amazon’s CEO in April, Andy Jassy mentioned that Amazon would be working to launch “an even more intelligent and capable Alexa,” if this information is true, Amazon could announce their AI Alexa in the same month as the Apple expected to unveil AI-enable Siri.

The sources requested anonymity because the discussions are still private. Information about prices and details remains under discussion. Until then, stay tuned for more updates.

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