Your addiction to Wine and Extra Marital Affair spoiled My Life: Barsha to Anubhav

Cuttack: The latest development in the Anubhav-Barsha conflict is that Odia actress Barsha Priyadarshini has replied to the allegations that the actor put earlier in a letter.

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It is to be noted that Odia film industry’s hit couple, Barsha-Anubhav are in discussion in social media for the last few days after Barsha filed a case of domestic violence against Anubhav Mohanty, her husband, actor and a Member of Parliament from Odisha.

Read here what Barsha replied answering the letter Anubhav had sent earlier to her:

Anubhav …

My life is not a game the way you are playing always !!  & you are not the only decision taker or authority of my life… i am not your remote controler…. When you wanted you marry, when you wanted you thrown me out of the house,  when you wanted you wishing for a mutual separation !! Why its always you…. ????????????????? You have made my life hell by your physical torture,  abuses, fake blames, your repeated extra marital affairs ,  your horribl drinking habits & all…. You have really worked hard for your own created fake stories which you have sent me last night to get separated from me, though you have written lies in a  disaster way !!!!!  Only fake blames !!!   ENOUGH I TOLERATED …… I had & i have always struggled to save the marriage just because I honour & value my relationship & my marriage….  how badly you are showing your inhumanity now in this crisis situation by sending me such baseless fake allegations through msgs.. !!!!!!!!! You know I am weak , I have low bp problem, thyroid & anxiety…. still how brutally you are playing games with me at this point of time…. !!!!!!!!!!! You are the most Ungreatful person on this Earth , who has kept stabbing me from my back continuously, but being a fool I have been giving my everything to you…  loving you unconditionally…you have always treated me like a mad street dog, just because I was emotional connected to you & you are my weakness, you treated me like a slave & I tolerated just to be with you… but you always used to throw me out of the house, tht too at mid night after hitting n abusing me… and ur staff who sit and drink with u are always there to support u in this !!!  I have faced unimaginable pain, torture, ignorance ,sleepless nights & what not still I have always kept silent & maintained a dignified silence outside also to save my relationship YES I DO ADMIT,  JUST BECAUSE OF MY LOVE & THATS YOU…. I HAD NEVER EVEN IMAGINED IN MY LIFE TO GET SEPARATED FROM YOU…. its you always just because of your ayyashi & bad habits,  you have been avoiding me & wants to get rid of me !!!!!!!!  If you want to get separated ,  you need to come to me & talk to me…. AVOIDING ME WONT HELP TRUST ME…. you have been  already prepared for separation,  You were planning since long, so you shouldn’t avoid me… I was not aware or sure about it though I was doubting this …. without asking my wish you cannot take any decisions through msgs… & YES, am not a thief or didn’t marry you secretly like a thief that I would have to hide things from our families…. I cannot encourage you in your foolishness !!! I respect & honor our positions,  familiy values so I need to think,  discuss & then take a decision with you & with both the families… am not a dittcher or Ungreatful person like you… Your dirty male ego , pride , selfishness,  Ungreatfulnes, Untrustworthy nature might not allow you to think like a mature person & take decision but I will…..

You saying you want to serve people  ?????????? Charity begins from home🙏🏻 but unfortunately the person who didn’t even keep his commitment in his marriage & only planned to throw his partner out from his house & life every now & then with false blames, he will ….. anyways!!  Dont want to fight back….. because you understand the language of lies which I dont believe or appreciate …

If you are soo serious about sexual relationship & family planning then why are you not taking any physical interest in me except avoiding me left me crying alone in the room ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????? I had requested you with folded hands to help me for a healthy pregnancy to plan for a baby, with mental peace by quitting your alchohol habits violence & your love affairs… !!!!! You are only using this point to get separated from me & making this fake point to use as  your weapon to protect yourself & blame me … you have never tried to understand my physical desires & needs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You promised to that elina samantaray that you will not keep any physical relationship with me & you did that also. You kept me away from you for 9/10months for honoring your extra marital affair!!! And this is not at all fake you know it that this was seen by all family members also … Huhhh….. ! You have only used & tortured me the way you wanted… now also trying to use me to get separated… FACT & TRUTH KAHIBAKU MO PAKHARE BOHUUT KICHI ACHI …BUT IMPORTANT PART IS ….I wont behave the way you are behaving aggressively & inhumanely in this crisis time….  It’s a fun time for you anubhav not for me … you are happy there leaving me here by your intelligent planning ….  I have to behave like a responsible person not like a fake egoistic creature

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