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Anubhav’s that emotional letter to Barsha, Read What He writes


Cuttack: Ever since Odia actress Barsha Priyadarshini filed a case of domestic violence against her husband, actor turned Politician Anubhav Mohanty a couple of days before, the Anubhav-Barsha conflict is making the rounds across Social Media.

The huge fan base of both these celebrities are shocked to know about the present development. Lots of gossips are going on where people are heard narrating and analysing relationship and the latest evil twist in their family life.

The Anubhav-Barsha conflict has become the talk of the town when it took another evil twist after a 5-page letter surfaced that reveals tit-bits of the relationship between the two. The letter narrates how the two actors came in contact with each other and when both, or one of them (as mentioned in the letter) fell in love and how the relationship between the two, which started years ago, came to an end, at least for Anubhav. The present scenario is Anubhav has pleaded for divorce while Barsha has asked for alimony.

Read the letter in full here

Jai   Jagannath Hi Varsha !

It’s been years since we know eachother. We were batchmates during our college days but never met. You had 1st come to our house during a Hanuman Chalisa and I remember I had personally shown you our house including the floor/the room where we after years stayed together after our marriage. We never even imagined then that we would ever feel for eachother, get married and stay there only. But destiny is destiny. Nobody is above God. Later, we did two movies together under Vidhisha Kraft banner in 2006. One in which I had a special appearance & the other one in which I was playing double characters and you were one of the two lead actresses. You were fantastic in that movie & clearly stood out as the only female lead even if there was another.

There was a gap then. We didn’t work together for sometime. But who knew that 2008 would change my life forever. I did a movie with you & it proved to be a massive hit. And that was the beginning of our love. I don’t think I can say any exact moment in which I started feeling for you & same with you too. We did another movie which became a bigger hit. But my I was always upset because you never used to talk to me properly even when you loved me. No phone calls while you were at home. No meetings except on sets & that too somebody used to come with you just to check that I don’t talk to you. You too for every silly/meaningless reasons possible on earth, stopped talking to me. I used to beg you for some happiness only by talking to me but it hardly used to happen. I did paintings for you, I learnt how to cook, which I never did, and make you eat. My life was only busy finding reasons to make to laugh, smile & see you happy. People started knowing about us & many came & tried to make me understand that I should stop myself for my own better future giving n numbers of reasons mostly related to your family. But I was blind & mad in your love. I cared nothing & ignored everything. Suddenly your family stopped you from working with me. I was very badly tortured because you never tried to talk to me or meet me even when it was possible for you. Although we continued working after a long gap of almost a year yet your behaviour always remained the same. To prove my love for you, I even started hurting myself several times like not eating or not taking care of my health or drinking alcohol & cutting myself and writing your name with blood & cuts all over my body. I was crazy for you.if I had to cut my beard or change my looks as per my film’s requirements, you stopped recognising me. Very heartlessly you used to say me that I’m not the same anubhav you knew or loved. I cried, pleaded, begged and did what not to behave like that with me but you were never ready to accept me until I cut myself badly & breakdown to your feet. This was how we continued & this was how I repeatedly gave my everything just to save our relationship.

I can proudly say that we didn’t even kiss eachother before our marriage. I was feeling so proud to have you as my girlfriend who believes in such restrictions even in the modern world. You soft speaking habit, such values had always attracted me very much. And only for the reason that I needed only you in my life, I had completely quit alcohol on the 27th of March 2011(mahurat of our new movie, kiyese dakuchi kouthi mate). I was so happy to quit because I never ever enjoyed drinking. I didn’t even smell alcohol till I was 25 or 26 years old. My reason behind drinking was to sleep. As I was & I still am very homesick, it was difficult for me to stay out of state for days & months together and shoot. I used to call my

parents and say that I’m remembering them a lot. I remember, once or twice I had cried too over while talking to Bapa Mami over phone. Anyways, my entire family was so happy because I had quit alcohol. They started knowing that you are the reason for which I could quit. My love for you had brought me

out of that alcoholic darkness. But I hope you still remember what I had said you then again and again that although it’s true, I left drinking but if ever in life, you hurt me very deeply & if ever in life I realise that your love for me is fake then I would once again start drinking which would never allow me to quit again. Please don’t say that you don’t remember this. Every single friend I have or we have in common knows that every word from beginning of this message till now is as true as Lord Jagannath’s existence.

All those years before our marriage, I neither could concentrate on my work the way I could have, my family, my own health, my own future etc. if I was doing something then it was crying, pleading, cutting myself, hurting & misbehaving my sweetest mother, father, brother & every single family member who were against our relationship but at the same time, I was requesting & convincing too hard to you, Maoo, Bordi, Chottdi & everyone who is connected with your family just to live happily with you forever. 27th April 2013, I joined my Political Party Officially & was blessed by My God, Hon’ble Shri.Naveen Sir. Odisha already loved me madly but their love for me saw no boundaries after I joined The BJD. People started assuming so many things about my future in politics & I too tried my best not to disappoint my Hon’ble Sir & my most loveable people of Odisha with my good/hard works. Things started changing suddenly as if some magic. I was showered with blessings & immense love by all including your family.

27th May 2013, with mutual discussion between our families, my family went to your house for the very first time to speak about our marriage. I remember, even if I was not there, my bada Bapa said one line to Maoo very casually as if they all knew why they had been there. And, in the same way, just in one line, Maoo too agreed for our marriage. I was so happy. I had got everything in my life. Every happiness on earth was mine. Dates were fixed. Happiness & celebrations were all around except my own bedroom where I used to lock myself I tried calling you lakhs & crores of time only to talk to you but all in vein.

I tried my best to do a film together so that we could meet & I did also. Again the same situation continued immediately after the shoots were over. It was only before very few days before marriage when you called me. But surprisingly that call was to abuse & insult my family regarding the procedure of sending invitations for marriage to each other’s family. Although I repeatedly clarified that it was our family’s tradition but you never stopped abusing or insulting. I remember, out of frustration I shouted at my mother and other members of my family for this reason then. They might have felt really very bad but God knows how could I ignore their pain. I was so much mad for you. I wish if God could ever forgive me for my foolishness. 8th Feb 2014, we got married with everyone’s blessings. I was extremely happy because I got the lady love of my life as my wife forever.

Now, starts a new life. Yes, you had always said me that you were scared of conjugal relationship because you fear about the pain while having intercourses since your childhood(listening to your friends & others). And for that reason only, I was never allowed by you to even kiss you. If I touched you or tried to hug you then you used to get angry, cry & stopped talking to me for uncertain days. But just before we got married, you requested me once again that I shouldn’t force you for sex. You said you would do complete Sex with me after marriage for sure but you needed 3-4 months time after marriage to get comfortable & allow me to do. I agreed to that because I loved you honestly & sincerely. I always believed that how can a woman stop herself from getting intimate with a man who is her husband when we both live together and sleep on one bed during nights!!!!

You very well know how I passed every single night crying very badly while you were sleeping coolly as if I or my pain doesn’t matter to you. I was honestly very confused thinking how am I unable to attract you towards me or my madness in love! Every single time it’s me only who initiated to make love but I was never accepted. I was given dates after dates by you only to wait to have sex with you. Not in Odisha but in Delhi you said. I agreed. I was blessed by the people of Odisha & Naveen Sir & got elected uncontested as MP (RS) from BJD when I was only 32 years old. I happily wanted to take both our families together with me to Delhi for my Oath taking ceremony. Even though there were so much of hurdles to bring everyone together for one or the other reasons from both sides, yet I came above all and balanced everything so perfectly & peacefully. Yes, it was very much stressful for me & difficult too but you too didn’t feel even for once for what all I did taking every pain on myself. Anyways, my dream of having sex with you in Delhi also got scattered when you said you would do when we would be back in Cuttack. We came Cuttack but no sign of sex or even interest to have sex. I regularly initiated but you made me fail every single time. While we were in Delhi, I had informed Chottdi about this serious matter. She made me understand that this happens in some cases and in rare cases, it takes little more time like 7-8 months. They would talk to you and make you understand. In Delhi, my work was to go to the Parliament, return from there & take you for shopping. This was my everyday routine. But in nights, no sex, no intimacy nothing. Months passed by. You finally gave me another date and that was my own birthday 24-12-1981 in Cuttack. I was super excited. I decorated our entire floor & specially our bedroom with beautiful lights, scented & colourful candles, romantic music with blue lights. As per your words only I had arranged red wine for both of us. Flowers everywhere in our room. But Varsha, you didn’t care for any of my innocent feelings for you even that night. I cried again on my birthday. Never imagined that you would do the same even after nearly a year to our marriage anniversary and that too on my birthday when I was so much emotionally waiting for your acceptance. Anyways, such ignorance was not new to me anymore. After our marriage, you mostly preferred not to stay at our house. You didn’t even like the food that was made in our house. So, you used to create fake situations to fight with me and move away from house just to stay in your house. You didn’t even turn up to join the Gruha Pravesh Puja in our 1st Delhi house. Bapa Mami & I, we all tried to have you here in Delhi but neither you came with us nor you agreed to come when both Bapa & Mami had said you that they were missing you a lot. They even said that I would go & bring you with me to Delhi but you didn’t agree at all. I too had requested but you were stubborn. Luckily when I got an opportunity to visit USA for a Convention of ODIAS staying there, I immediately requested that that I wouldn’t go alone but with my wife. They happily agreed & we flew together on 27th or 28th June 2015 perhaps. Since 27th March 2011 till 27th or 28th June 2015, I had never even thought of having alcohol. I had arranged some precautionary measures, etc for having proper sex there in USA as you only had said me. But when I was once again ditched by you there, I started taking champagne everyday only to sleep. Staying awake for nights together & watching you sleep without bothering about my pain was giving me tremendous mental & physical stress & i was unable to do anything good for me. You used to abuse and insult me everytime whenever I tried to speak to you about this issue between us. Staying together was actually very very rare & staying separate was your 1st priority. Finally after more than 2 and a half years of such mental & physical torture, I started drinking scotch/whiskey regularly only to suppress my madness & severe mental/physical pain. I never exposed my inner feelings or whatever you have been doing with me since 2008 and specially after 2014. You always treaded me like a mad street dog. You enjoyed me crying & hurting myself. You would go to your home in anger without any reason but force me to go to your home and bring you back. I have been doing this since marriage and God only knows how many times.

2016, my name got linked with a girl because I was talking to her and was getting closer to her. I’ll never accept that I was wrong because I then I was a man who had neither even thought of any other girl or even dared to touch anyone else since the very beginning of our relationship and that’s 2008. Since 2008 till 2016, I was a one woman man because I loved you more than anything on this earth. But then I tried to find out what mistake had I done for which I was facing all these. Then I realised that you had no love for me. You couldn’t love anyone from my family & could mix with ANYONE. Mine is a very big joint family. How couldn’t you find at least one good person ! All fake care & fake formalities you did only when you had some movie work mostly. My connection with that girl was for few days only. Because I fear self respect & I care for my political & social responsibilities & also that girl’s future & image, I decided to restrain myself & sacrifice my emotions. I thought you would change, realise you’re faults & start a normal happy life with me then. But I was wrong again. You continued torturing & harassing me mentally and physically. God knows why but again after mid of 2017, I got connected to another girl. I was happy to talk to her. She was an innocent, soft spoken & well behaved girl. So, I was very much comfortable talking to her and meeting her sometimes. But you & few of your friends didn’t leave a single stone unturned to ruin my name, fame, character & everything. You didn’t even bother to ruin that girl’s social & professional image. You ensured that you ruin us and at the same time, created a NGO of own to throw me out of everyone’s good book & create your own social & political image. I didn’t have any issue with that. Who knows you might lead our state someday ! I’m not at all insecure. We all have our own individual fates. Mo bada bapa au ghara ra samaste tamaku gharaku daki daki thaki gale but you never bothered to come. Bada Bapa was admitted in ICU with ventilator & was in coma for 62 long days. Then also you didn’t bother to be at home. When Bada bapa died finally, the entire family & bada BAPA’s Deadbody waited very long for you to come as you were in Mumbai for some work. You flew back and could only see him in the samshan just before he turned into ashes. My anger for you

knew no boundaries. I realised what mistake I did by marrying you. Being a celebrity, a big name, neither I could say these to anyone nor I could digest the poison. You came back home immediately but I was unable to accept your patience. Suddenly you very cunningly managed to capture screenshots of my chats with that girl & threatened me. I would have faced every challenge then & there only but I didn’t want that girl to lose anything because of me. I prayed for her & promised you that such things would NEVER AGAIN happen in my life. And see, that was 2017 and now it’s 2020. Not a single girl in my life.

Neither I’m interested in girls nor I got time to even think of anyone except you & my political responsibilities. I agree that the support & care you gave me during my leg injury can never be forgotten by me. I worshipped you during those days and I’ll always pray God to keep you away from every pain. But that care & love from you was temporary. You forgot me the day I started walking without support & resumed working. And yes, nobody knows this because neither you said nor I wanted to say. I had messaged you with all love, emotions requesting you for your love and attention but in reply you spoke too rude & hurtful. I had been to give the shot immediately after being hurt by you. I don’t blame you here because what happened was planned by God Only. I was somewhere unmindful & with lot more reasons I jumped & rest is history.

You neither bothered to come with me to Delhi during last winter sessions only because Bapa Mami Chicku Shainiii & Chickuliii were here. You took so many pleas to avoid. Again you did the same during last budget session. Didn’t come. Rather abused, insulted, hurt me physically in presence of your family members in my own house when none of my family members were present except few boys who work. You pick anyone from them and take him into confidence. Ask them whether whatever happened was completely your fault or not. Still, I once again flew back to Odisha from Delhi on 5th of March to bring you alongwith me. Had booked tickets for 7th night at first. Later I canceled & booked again on 8th March’s 1:50pm AirIndia flight. I confirmed you several times. You very well know this. I can’t lie on suc a silly matter. Unfortunately you fought with me for the whole night without any reason. Anyways, I woke up next day to catch flight & was surprised to see you not getting ready. I requested, I begged, I tried to make you understand so peacefully even when I was stressed badly. But you didn’t bother to even look at me. Just replied that you were not confirmed about our flight. Also, you don’t want to stay with me and feel insulted. God knows when have I insulted you. Anyways, time passed. More than 45 days passed. Neither you messaged, called nor tried to know about me. This pain was immeasurable.

Unbelievable. How could you!?!? Anyways, you suddenly started calling me since last very few days and even if I’m not comfortable yet I tried to respond sometimes. I shouted my pain out on you one night back for which I said a sorry too the very next day because I felt whatever it may be, I shouldn’t shout at you. But till then, I honestly hadn’t read your messages to Chicku. Read today morning only and typing madly after that only. Listen Varsha, although your complaints and allegations against me are all fake and baseless yet you wrote one thing that has made me really restless because my love for you can never be true & I, my friends know how madly I loved you & how madly I was running after you even when I was treated worse than any street dog. So, in all my senses & with all my self respect that I could gather, I WANT TO REQUEST YOU TO BETTER BE HAPPY WITHOUT ME. HOW CAN I SEE YOU LOSING YOUR SELF RESPECT & DIGNITY BECAUSE OF ME AS PER YOUR WORDS WHEN IT IS ONLY ME PERHAPS WHO HAS BEEN SINCERELY TRYING MY BEST TO GET EVERY SINGLE HONOUR & DIGNITY FOR YOU EVEN WHEN I WAS TOLD MY ALL THAT I AM DOING WRONG OR DOING TOO MUCH. BUT I LOVED DOING BECAUSE I LOVED YOU. TODAY, NO MORE DRAMA PLEASE I REQUEST YOU NOT TO STAY WITH SOMEONE OR LOVE SOMEONE WHO ONLY KNOWS HOW TO ABUSE OR INSULT YOU BY PUTTING YOUR SELF RESPECT DOWN & RUINING YOUR SELF DIGNITY. WITH ALL PAIN, ANGER, FRUSTRATIONS, EMOTIONS & ENOUGH TEARS WHILE TYPING THIS MESSAGE, I AM SENDING YOU THIS MESSAGE. As you too said to Chicku few days before, I also say you the same. Looking at eachother’s position, social values, self respect, dignity and above all our families prestige, we should split happily & mutually please. I’m not at all interested to contest & win. We might have failed to have a happy life together but atleast let’s have a friendly farewell please

AT THE END OF MY MESSAGE, 8th Feb 2014 – 8th May 2020



After Anubhav’s letter surfaced, Barsha has also replied to him on social media. Among other things Barsha wrote, “Your addiction to Wine and Extra Marital Affair spoiled My Life: Barsha to Anubhav.”

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