Watch! Hilarious video of monkey doing pole dance has netizens laughing out loud

Internet is a treasure trove of things that are funny. Photos and videos that can make you roll on the floor laughing are aplenty! One such hilarious videos has started circulating online. The protagonist of this viral video is a monkey! And even more surprising, the video is of the monkey doing pole dance! As strange as that sounds, the video is real and netizens are absolutely loving it. The rib-tickling video shows the monkey living its best life while swinging and dancing around a pole attached to a rocky mound.

In the short clip a monkey can be seen holding on to a pole and swinging around. The moves that the primate is serving are not amateurish in any way or form. The way it moves and grooves, the way it moves its arms- all of it is extremely impressive. As a matter of fact, people are of the opinion that the ape can beat even the best dancers and actors with the level of skill it possesses. The happy-go-lucky monkey seems to be enjoying itself a lot as it dances around the pole, slaying the moves and rocking every pose.

People have started wondering if the monkey is trained as the dance moves are completely on point. They seem to think that it is not random frolicking of a wild animal, rather moves of a well trained monkey. According to the internet, since monkeys are highly trainable, it won’t be impossible for someone to teach the ape how to perform the dance. Though this hypothesis has not been confirmed, there is still a high possibility that the video is just that of a random monkey, monkeying around!

Watch the hilarious video of the monkey doing pole dance here:


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Though there has been a lot of conversation around the video, the most common reaction that people have expressed is of absolute delight. Since being posted, the video has garnered close to 60,000 likes on Instagram.

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