Viral video: Speeding car hits students fighting on road in Ghaziabad, watch!

A video of a group of students from a private college clashing outside the campus in Ghaziabad’s Masuri area has gone viral. The viral video shows student groups brawling on National Highway 9 outside the engineering college. In the video, a white car be seen hitting two students at one point as well.

This video of the incident has gone viral now. In the video, a group of students can be seen in a mass brawl in the middle of the road. The students disperse at a certain point, presumably after seeing the car speeding towards them. However, two of the students were unable to get out of the way and continued their fight.

Meanwhile, unable to brake at the proper time, the white Honda sedan hit the two students from behind. The two people were thrown off the ground with their feet in the air and bodies on the front of the car due to the impact.

After hitting the students the Honda car stopped and slowly left the place. However, the students got right back into their fight. As a matter of fact, one of the people who was hit by the car was seen getting up and fighting with two other students almost immediately after. The was getting slapped and hit, but continued to fight as well.

The video was taken from inside a second car present at the scene.

Iraj Raja, SP Rural Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh said that few of these boys involved in the incident were taken into custody on September 21. A case has been filed. Search on for rest of the boys involved is ongoing as well. The car which rammed into them has been seized and all further actions will be done via court. Patrolling in the area around the college will also be increased.

Watch the video here:

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