Student confronts teacher by writing a note who constantly called her a failure

Amid the declaration of board exam results, a student penned down a note to her teacher, who constantly made her feel like a failure, and shared a screenshot of the same over social media.

She, named ‘hasmathaysha3’ on Twitter, informed her teacher that she cleared her Class 12 board exams with good marks and reminded the teacher to be kind to students who simply expect proper guidance.

While sharing the screenshot she mentioned that the exchange of messages took place two years ago on the day when the results were declared.

In the message, she wrote, “Hello maam. I was one of your students in 10th grade 2019-2020 batch. Sending this message because you told me that I wouldn’t make it, you told me that I wouldn’t pass school and do what I wanted. You degraded me in every level possible. Today, I have passed my 12th grade with good marks and I have gotten into the university I always wanted and I’m also doing the course that I intended to do.” She added, “So, this is not a thank you message but to show you that I have made it. Next time, please remember to be kind towards people, especially students who seek for your help.”

The user also shared a screenshot of how the teacher responded. “I still want to take the credit of your passing,” the teacher replied.

Shared on July 22, this post received a huge reaction from the netizens. Some users have expressed their suffering and emotional trauma by writing down their experiences similar to this over Twitter as well as Facebook.

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