Small kid fearlessly plays with huge python: Watch viral video

A small kid was recently seen cuddling up to a giant python in a video clip that has earned irk of netizens due to the risk factor. The video has gone viral after being uploaded to Instagram on August 21 by the user snake._. world and so far already garnered more than 4000 users.

As we can see in the video a small kid is cuddling up with a huge python while interestingly the huge reptile is going far from the boy. In the video the kid was first seen entangling with the snake. Later, it stands up and runs till the mouth of the python.

In the comment section most of the users commented for the video that it could be very risky. A user wrote, “well. if he’s eaten..there is no way to get him back” while another wrote, “I thought a reticulited would be dangeroues for a kid”.

Another user explained the process of reaction that a snake shows towards another living object which gets entangled with it or comes close to it. The comment reads, “The snake senses the chemistry in us and when you fear it, it becomes defensive because it would think the fear would lead to an attack so if it doesn’t sense that you could pick it up and it would come right along with you, many have shown this over and over.”

Another user writes, “I feel sorry for the snake. It clearly wants to get away from the kid.” And another user comes up with a conclusion, “That’s a good snake it knows what not to eat”.

Another Insta user writes in Hindi, “baccha pagal ho Gaya Hai Kya,” (Has this boy gone mad). He probably wants to say how dangerous it is for a kid to cuddle up with such a huge snake like this.

And yet another user comes up with his feeling as an owner of big snakes. His comment reads, “As a owner of big snakes I just get uncomfortable watching a person so small with a snake so big…”

Please let us know in the comment box what do you feel about the video where a kid was seen playing with a huge snake.

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