Real love! Woman marries & takes care of lover, who loses both legs in accident: Watch

Angul: A rare, unique and commendable love story has been witnessed in Angul district of Odisha lately. In this case, despite a youth lost both his legs in a road accident, his lover girl decided to marry him and spend the rest of her life with her physically handicapped lover.

Meet Swapnarani Barik of Jagatsinghpur area who has set an example of true love after deciding to marry her lover Jitendra Barik of Bajrakote area in Talcher who became physically handicapped due to a road accident.

As per sources, seven years ago Jitendra was working in a saloon in Jagatsinghpur. Once, Swapna met him and soon the two developed love relationship between each other.

After working for a few years, Jitendra returned to his village Bajrakote and started working at the Jindal Thermal Plant in Derang as a labourer.

Once he was returning home after completing his work when he met an accident in which a speeding truck ran over his legs. Following the accident, though he got saved, he lost both his legs.

Seeing such pathetic situation of her son, Jitendra’s mother passed away after some days. Now, there was nobody left to take care of the now physically handicapped Jitendra.

Accordingly, Swapna revealed her wish to marry Jitendra to her family, but the family members refused the proposal as the boy had turned physically handicapped.

At this juncture, Swapna took a bold decision. She moved to her boyfriend and the two got married in a low key affair on July 8 recently. Even, they also did Court marriage at the Sub Collectors office in Talcher.

Swapnarani has shouldered the responsibility of Jitendra and his family and hence the family as well as the villagers are happy. Her decision has been appreciated by all. The locals have urged the government to provide some financial help to the couple.

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