Odisha Youth makes solar bike that runs 125 km with 5 hours charge

It is called ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’. This has been proved in the case of an Odia youth from Cuttack district of Odisha. Following the surge in fuel prices he came up with the idea of using his old bike to invent a solar bike which can run without petrol.

Meet Mrutyunjay Sahu, a youth from Banki. Definitely, he is not a scientist. When it comes to profession, he owns a cloth store that is situated near the famous Maa Charchika temple in Banki.

The solar energy propelled bike that he has invented can very well run on the road. It has a roof that have solar panels which assimilates energy from sunrays and transforms it into mechanical energy which helps the bike to run. We can see, ‘Solar Bike’ is displayed in front of the roof that is fitted to Mrutyunjay’s bike.

To charge the bike it needs to be kept under sunlight for 5 to 6 hours for full charge. Once it accumulates full charge, it can run for about 125 kms without any hassle. The bike has the maximum speed of 75 km/ hour.

Earlier, Mrutyunjay was in news for making solar battery run bicycle. The inventor has said that even in absence of sunlight it can be charged through an electric socket.

According to the youth he spent Rs. 55 thousand to make the solar bike. The best thing about the bike is – it is pollution free.

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