Odisha Police Issues Caution Against Fake Job Website, Check Details

Bhubaneswar: Odisha police crime branch (Crime Investigation Department) has issued an advisory to be cautious about a fake job website that has duped many.

All District SsP, DCP Bhubaneswar, Cuttack and SsRP Rourkela, Cuttack Sub have been cautioned in the advisory on the fake website for job overview.

The website https://www.shinejob.tech have been launched by the fraudsters. The website has different web pages. As soon as the user access the website for job, he is directed to the webpage to submit his identity details, credit card details and CVV. The charges shown for applying job is Rs. 10/-

The user is then redirected to the webpage, where he has to submit PayTM pin. At the end the website shows art payment gateway error.

Reverse Analysis:

It has been found that the website https://www.shinejob.tech/ is hosted on German IP Protocol. Since it is a German hosted website, the payment should be collected in foreign currency at the payment gateway. But the charges shown in webpage for applying job is Rs. 10/- Hence, at the end the website shows payment gateway error.

In the process the fraudsters get the identity detail, credit card detail, CVV no. and PayTM pins of the user. The original website URL is https://www.shine.com/

Precautions to be followed: 

1. Do not blindly trust the URL of any website, because a little change in the alphabet in domain appears as original.

2. Verify the domain name from friends or person having knowledge about its genuineness.

3. User must not give financial details i.e. ATM Card/Credit Card no., CVV no., PayTM PIN no., as it is not asked any where.

4. User must check that the payment page most be UPI ( PayTM) based page, when he is redirected for payment.

5. Always have doubt in mind, when the registration charges to be paid is very less (Rs.10/-)

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