Odisha: Inmates happy in Khordha Shankarpur Sevashram

The Khordha Shankarpur Sevashram is an old age home for the senior citizens. The Ashram is run by a couple. The couple take care of the inmates’ food, clothes and shelter as well as health here.

The couple spends at least an hour in the Ashram daily. A doctor and a nurse regularly visit the Ashram for health check-up. There is a Superintendent and four MTSs. For preparation of food there is a cook. Besides, there are 10 to 12 staff members to take care of other chores. The old inmates are given ample opportunity to spend good times amid happiness and game.

The Ashram is run by Ravindranath Mohapatra. He was working in the Khadi board. According to him he had a dream to establish such an old age home which has been fulfilled now. He said that initially there were 15 to 20 people while the number of inmates has risen now to 50. ‘I take their care of the old inmates and so much happy by doing so,” he said.

The old inmates are also very happy here. As they are living in a homely atmosphere, they are bestowing blessings to the couple.

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