Odisha Extends deadline for enforcing new traffic norms

Bhubaneswar: In view of heavy rush at the Regional Transport Offices (RTOs) across the state, the Odisha government has further extended the deadline for implementation of the new traffic rules under the amended Motor Vehicles Act, it was announced here on Thursday.

Following public commotion over the levying of heavy fines, the state government had relaxed implementation of the new traffic rules for three months ending November 30 as a way to allow people time to get their documents ready to comply with the traffic norms.

Keeping in mind the current rush and after taking stock of the situation the Chief Minister has given  a further extension of 3 months.

The CM also added that this extension has been given for the last time and no further extension shall be given.

Compliance to the Motor Vehicle Act is to the best interest of the common people and motorists said the CM in his press release. The road safety and awareness and safety drive will be further intensified in these three months.

Earlier, Commerce and Transport Minister Padmanabha Behera on Thursday said he is aware of the heavy rush of people to update their documents at all RTOs across the state.

“I am aware of the rush at the RTO (Regional Transport Offices). Discussions are underway and necessary steps will be taken so that people do not suffer due to the re-enforcement of the norms. The state government will take a decision in this regard soon, the Minister told media persons here.

The issue was raised on Thursday in the state Assembly, where Biju Janata Dal (BJD) legislator Debi Prasad Mishra said that people are unable to get their documents done in time from the RTOs due to inadequate staff.

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“The government should rethink about its earlier decision. The Speaker must give a ruling over the issue seeking an answer from the concerned Minister,” said Mishra.

Speaking to the media, Congress MLA Tara Bahinipati demanded extension of deadline for re-introduction of amended Motor Vehicles Act in Odisha.

He said people should be given at least 6 months time to avail motor vehicle-related documents.

Meanwhile, replying to a question in the House, the Transport Minister said as many as 8.89 lakh people had applied for leaner’s license since enforcement of amended Act on September 1 this year.

While 8.89 lakh people applied for leaner’s license (LL) by November 24 this year, 5.25 lakh people availed LL between September 1 and November 24.

A total of 1,44,545 people have been provided driving licenses during the period, the Minister added.

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