Odia girl stabbed in Surat 49 times for asking boyfriend to marry her

Pestering for marriage can be dangerous! Odia girl stabbed in Surat for forcing boyfriend to marry her, a re-run of the Shraddha Walker case.

Surat: In a shocking incident, an Odia girl has been stabbed in Surat 49 times by her boyfriend for pestering him to marry her.

The incident seemed like a re-run of the horrific Shraddha Walker murder case that took place in Delhi last month. The reason behind the murder was exactly the same.

The deceased victim has been identified as Looni Das, she was a resident of Bhubaneswar. Her boyfriend, the accused in this case has been identified as Jagannath Gouda.

According to sources, the victim was found murdered in a pool of blood in an industrial area in Surat of Gujrat.

The girl was in a relationship with Jagannath since he past three years and then started pestering him for marriage. This vexed the accused and he planned on killing Looni.

The accused came to Bhubaneswar, took the girl to Surat and stabbed her mercilessly for 49 times at a lonely spot.

The Surat Police Crime Branch examined the CCTV footages in the area of the murder and the call records of the victim and then arrested the accused.

The police officer investigating the case said that the accused was high on drugs while committing the crime. He further added that the accused said that the girl was torturing him mentally by asking him repeatedly to marry her.

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