India’s largest domain company Net4India closed! Millions of customers are worried

Net4India is India’s largest domain registrar, but now its customers are looking very upset. It is reported that this company named Net4India of Delhi has gone bankrupt and has lost its money in the market.

On Twitter, many users have complained that no phone call or email is being answered by Net4India. Let us tell you that Net4India is a domain registrar company with around 90,000 website hosting, 1.5 million corporate emails and 3,75,000 domain registrations. The company’s website is also not opening now.

Website is getting closed on its own

Many people who have taken domains from Net4India have complained that their domains are being closed without any notice, without giving any prior information. Even e-mails registered on Net4India are slowly closing down. Users claim that Net4India’s Delhi office has been closed. Even phone calls or e-mails are not being supplied by the company. Let us know that Net4India is the Gold Partner company of Microsoft.

Net4India debut

Net4India started as an Internet service provider company in 1985 but later changed the company to a domain Rijstar like GoDaddy. Net4India is India’s largest domain registrar company. Through this, millions of people have booked domains like .com, .net.

The company remained profitable till 2011. In 2013, the State Bank declared it a non-performing asset. During this time the company had a debt of about 190 crores. The company incurred a loss of Rs 4.22 crore in the first quarter of 2017 after which the company was removed from the list from the National Stock Exchange and the Bombay Stock Exchange.

What did ICANN say?

Many customers have complained to ICANN after the domain was closed. On the complaint of the people, ICANN has said that it is talking to the government regarding the responsibility of domain and email registered on Net4India to any other Indian company.

In response to a letter to customers, ICANN has said that it is also in talks with the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.

Many users also complain that they are not able to transfer their domain to other domain registrars. Explain that the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is an international body with responsibility for Internet Protocol (IP), country code (ccTLD) and top level domain management.

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  12. Yudhveer Singh says


    1. Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances
    Ms. Jaya Dubey
    Joint Secretary, Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances Room No. 507, Sardar Patel Bhawal, New Delhi, 01123360208

    2. Department of Consumer Affairs

    Shri Vineet Mathur
    Joint Secretary, Department of Consumer Affairs, 456-C, Krishi Bhawan, New Delhi


    3. Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion,

    Shri R.K. Singh
    Joint Secretary, Department for Promotion of Industry & Internal Trade, Room. No. 30-A, Udyog Bhawan, New Delhi


    4. Department of Justice, Shri R.K. Kashyap

    Joint Secretary, Department of Justice Room no. 16, Jaisalmer House, 26 Man Singh Road, New Delhi,


    5. Department of Telecommunications

    Sh. Pankaj Kumar
    Deputy Director General – Public Grievances, Department of Telecommunications Room No 612, Manager Doorsanchar Bhawan, Old Minto Road, New Delhi,


    6. Ministry of Corporate Affairs

    Shri V. K. Khubchandani

    Department of Corporate Affairs, Kota House, New Delhi


    7. Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology,

    Ms. Simmi Chaudhary
    Economic Adviser

    Ministry of Electronics & Information Technology, 6, CGO Complex, Electronics Niketan, New Delhi


    8. Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

    Shri Amar Singh
    Senior Economic Adviser, M/o Information & Broadcasting Room No. 545-A A Wing Shastri Bhawan New Delhi


    9. Ministry of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises

    Shri P.Palanivel
    Deputy Director General

    Ministry of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises Room No. 462 A, 4th floor Udyog Bhawan New Delhi


    10. Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation

    Shri Tanweer Qamar Mohammad
    Joint Secretary

    Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation Room no. 504, level 5, block 6, East Block, RK Puram, New Delhi,


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