Huge Crocodile snatches away dog in Odisha’s Kendrapara: Watch

Kendrapara: A huge crocodile snatched away a dog from the bank of the river at the ferry ghat of Talachua in Rajnagar area of Kendrapara district of Odisha on Friday. Huge number of people crowded the place to witness the happening.

As per reports, a few people spotted a huge crocodile floating in the river at the ferry ghat of Talachua village. Out of curiosity people started caging activity of the reptile in their mobile phones.

After a while the crocodile moved to the bank of the river as it spotted a dog. The reptile reached the bank and snatched away the dog just in one bite with its sharp jaws. However, it was not exactly a dog, but the carcass of a dog that was floating on the water.

The locals briefly enjoyed the whole happening while some of them got frightened to witness the wild preying scene of the huge reptile.

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