GST Fraud In Odisha’s Bolangir Worth 1 Crore

Bolangir: A GST fraud has been reported from Ghantamala village under Saintala block in Bolangir district of Odisha.

The fraud has been detected by the Saintala police after a written complaint had been filed in this reguard.

A man of Ghantamala village identified as Ravindra Bhoi wanted to take an agricultural loan.

Mahendra Sahoo had promised to get the loan through for which Ravindra Bhoi had submitted his Aadhar card and PAN card.

Later Mahendra had used these details to get a GST number and had misused it. The GST department has sent a GST fraud notice to Sindhuja Plastic.


As per the latest report the GST fraud was not only happened in Ghantamal of Saintala, also people from Deogan and Balangir town have fallen victim to it.

After Saintala, now complaints have been lodged in Deogan Outpost and Balangir Town Police Station regarding GST fraud.

As per the Sales Tax records Rabindra Bhoi of Ghantamal in Saintala block has a due of about Rs. 1 crore GST in lieu of Sindhuja Steel Co. while Banita Rana of Deogan has due to Rs. 3 crore in lieu of a Transport company. However, these people know nothing about these companies, they have complained in the Police Station.

The Sales Tax department and Police are jointly probing the matter. As per reports, a woman from Balangir had taken documents of these people assuring them to persuade bank loan, as per the complaint. The investigation is underway.


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