First time after 25 years! Nagarjuna Besha of Lord Jagannath to be held

Puri: The Nagarjuna Besha of Lord Jagannath and his siblings will be held on November 27, 2020. This is the first time after 25 years that the Nagarjuna Besha of the trinity will be held. However, devotees cannot witness the Lords in the rare attire due to restriction in the wake of coronavirus outbreak.

Preparation for the Nagarjuna Besha is going on in full swing. The preparation for the attire will be done at Harachandi Sahi of the Pilgrim City.

On this auspicious day, which marks killing of Sahashrarjuna by Parsuram or battle between Aurjua and his son Nagarjuna, the deities are dressed like warriors. They adorn with golden hands, legs bids and weapons made of gold.

According to tradition, the Nagarjuna Besha is observed during October and November, the Kartika month (of Hindu calender) when Panchaka (last five days of Kartika month) is marked as six days.

The last Nagarjuna Besha of the Lords was held in 1994.

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