First Ever! Vikram Deb Autonomous College Organizes National Webinar

The NCC wing of Vikram Deb Autonomous College in Jeypore organised its first ever national webinar on Swachh Bharat Mission: As an integrated approach to improve Public Health and Environmental Degradation yesterday.

Around 100 people took part in the webinar through the Google Meet.

At the outset, Lt. Dr. Lakshman Patra, ANO of the College briefly introduced the dignitaries and the eminent speakers and expressed his heartfelt gratitude to all of them for taking out time from their busy schedule to grace the occasion.

First Ever! Vikram Deb Autonomous College Organizes National Webinar

The welcome address was delivered by Dr. Gopal Halder, the Principal of College. Through his speech Dr. Halder lauded the efforts of the NCC cadets of the college in taking up many a cleanliness drive in the surroundings of nearby villages around Jeypore. He dubbed the cadets as agents of social change and encouraged them to contribute further to the society and the environment with the same gusto and zeal.

Halder also praised Lt. Dr. Lakshman Patra for spearheading such campaigns for creating environmental awareness and propagating messages of sanitary well-being of the populace in peripheral hamlets.

First Ever! Vikram Deb Autonomous College Organizes National Webinar

Lt. Colonel Naveen Parashar, CO 1(O) INF INDEP COY NCC, Jeypore enlightened the participants on the importance of cleanliness and urged everyone to follow basic tenets of personal hygiene and preserve the sanctity of our environment. He further emphasised that the change had to emanate spontaneously from our inner selves, not by any external stimuli but through our own conscience and consciousness.

First Ever! Vikram Deb Autonomous College Organizes National Webinar

Amongst other notable speakers who took part in the online meeting included Capt. Jayadev Sahu, ANO, Govt. (Auto) College, Bhawanipatna, quoting Gandhiji, underscored the fact that sanitation is more important than freedom. Capt. Shivendra Kumar Dubey  from Varanasi, UP and Lt. M. Abubacker Siddiqui dwelt upon how cleanliness and proper sanitation could transform our lives forever and how instrumental the role of students was in realising these objectives.

First Ever! Vikram Deb Autonomous College Organizes National Webinar The last but not the least, the pearls of wisdom backed by some invaluable chants from Charak Samhita, were disseminated by noted AYUSH physician Dr. Ganesh Prasad Choudhury presently working at CHC, Boipariguda. He aptly explained how the epidemiological triad, namely Agent, Environment and Host operate in conjunction to unleash an apocalyptic upheaval like the Corona Pandemic.

The webinar concluded with the proposal of vote of thanks by Lt. Dr. Lakshman Patra.

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