Family Lives In Home Filled With Snake Burrows In Cuttack Dist

Mahanga: Like a scene straight out of a movie, a family has been living in a house filled with snake burrows. Moreover, a cobra has also been staying in the house. Interestingly, the family is happy with the snake burrows and not worried about the snake. Furthermore, they take care of the snake hills where the cobra that resides in their house.

The family and other dwellers in the slum consider the snake a god and the snake burrows as a place of worship. You might call it superstitious or religious belief, but the incident is true. While it may sound hard to believe, the frightening reality has been reported from a slum near Goudapada Dakabangala under Mahanga block in Cuttack district.

The house belongs to a person identified as Babuli Jena. Starting from the prayer hall, kitchen, verandah, house roof and even walls, the snake burrows are literally present everywhere in the house.

superstitious family in cuttack

The slum, located in between Mahanga and Pallisahi panchayat, has now become the talk of the town, thanks to the unusual activities of the family.

When contacted Babuli said, “My whole family including my elderly parents, my wife and my children reside here. Everyone is well aware of the snake too. But, it has done nothing to us till now.”

“The snake had appeared in my mother’s dream and asked him not to tell other slum dwellers about it,” he added.

However, she revealed to people about the snake after 10 months after which they have started performing pujas in the house. They have spread white ‘dhotis’ on the snake burrows as per a dream by Babuli’s mother.

In the dream, the snake asked Babuli’s mother to wrap the snake burrows with white dhotis. So, they have been doing that and offering prayers. Problems will come to the family if they do not follow the orders of the snake in the dreams, the family believes.

superstitious family in cuttack

Reports said a worker had earlier tried to break the snake burrows while repairing the house. But, now he has been crippled for life. The family believes the worker was punished by the snake god for breaking the snake burrows.

However, other villagers ditched the superstitious beliefs and requested the district administration to take appropriate steps in this connection.

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