Used PPE Kit On Roadside Triggers Panic In Odisha’s Nabarangpur

Nabarangpur: An used Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) kit was found lying on a roadside in Nabarangpur district, triggering panic among the locals amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Few passerby witnessed the PPE which is generally used by frontline workers was lying near a bridge in the roadside between Nabarangpur town to the Reserve Battalions and informed the local administration officials.

Fear gripped among the locals as the used kits are highly exposed to germs and can be a reason for spreading the virus when come in the contact.

The locals have also appealed the officials to take immediate actions to dispose the PPE kit and inquiry further about the matter.

It is noteworthy, to mention here that the PPE Kits are used to prevent the spread of germs by reducing the chances of being exposed. Thus it is advisable that used kits should be disposed properly after its usage at a specific location.

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