Bumpy Ride: Giant Bumpy Slide In US Closed 4 Hours After Opening

A giant slide in an amusement park called Belle Isle Park in Michigan was forced to shut down only four hours after it was opened.

A video of people on the slide has gone viral over the internet.

The viral video shows people sliding down the humungous slide sitting inside sacks. They are flung into the air before crashing down. Lacking any sort of safety mechanism, this slide has left people of the internet divided as some people found the lack of safety measures very concerning while others thought it was straight out hilarious.

Since being shared, the video has accumulated more than 11 million views and over 97000 likes.

The twitter user shared it with the caption “The giant slide at Belle Isle Park in Michigan was open for only 4 hours before workers shut it down to make adjustments. I wonder why they decided to do such a thing” along with an emoji showing shock. 

Watch the video here:

See how people reacted to the video of this bumpy ride!

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