Bhubaneswar makes it to World’s Top 20 Smart Cities as the only Indian City

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Bhubaneswar: After topping the list of Indian Smart Cities in 2016, Odisha’s capital city Bhubaneswar has now found place in the world’s Top 20 Smart City List-2017. Bhubaneswar is the only Indian city included in the list.

According to a study by market researcher Juniper Research, the Global Smart City Performance Index – sponsored by global technology player Intel – ranks the top 20 global smart cities in terms of the integration of Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and connected services across four key areas: mobility, healthcare, public safety and productivity.

As per the Global Smart City Performance Index 2017 released on Monday, Bhubaneswar has been ranked 13 so far as‘Safety’ is concerned and has been ranked 20 in terms of ‘Mobility’, ‘Health’ and ‘Productivity’.

Specifically, it has been aimed to measure how technology saved time for people and improved their quality of life.

Singapore has topped the index in all four areas. San Francisco and London were placed on the second and third position respectively as per ‘Mobility’ is concerned.

Likewise, in the ‘Health’ category Seoul and London were listed as second and third respectively.

New York was the second Smart City in the ‘Safety’ category while Chicago was the third Smart City in the list.

London and Chicago were ranked in the list of ‘Productivity’.

The study was conducted from July to September last year.

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