Beauty snake attacks man but in vain: Watch

A huge ‘beauty’ snake attacks a man, yet all it’s tough effort goes futile as the man is an expert. It was seen in a recent viral snake video uploaded to Instagram.

“A little feisty monkey here. Some beauty snakes can be a little defensive. But most of mine are amazing. They are a large colubrid with some species able to exceeding 7 foot. Their name sake “beauty” really fits them well,” captioned Instagram user snakebytestv posting the video to Instagram.

The clip has so far earned 10,119 likes since it was uploaded to Instagram in February 2022. Yet, the viral snake video has garnered a lot of comments while some of them are worth mentioning.

A user edward.i.king.1 commented, “I have recently purchased a one (it is around 7 weeks old) and it is pretty cool and not that defensive yet. Any tips to try and make it friendly.”

Another user quips, ‘Why the snakes always trying to attack you lol’. Aren’t you afraid of being bitten by it, writes another Insta user.

Another user nickparkin23 shares his experience saying, “Love the way their pattern changes from head to tail. 😍 been lucky enough to handle a couple of these beauties.”

A Insta user ziggyetienne asked, “Hey, could you show us all your boa’s , haven’t seen them on here for a long time but im considering getting some.”

Watch the video here:

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