Babushan Controversy: ‘Daman’ movie team returns Odisha sans the actor

Bhubaneswar: Amidst the ongoing controversy surrounding Ollywood actor Babushan Mohanty, the entire production team of the ‘Daman’ movie arrived at Bhubaneswar airport on Monday night.

Reportedly, the actor was not seen anywhere at the airport. The team has informed that Babushan Mohanty had already left the hotel room in Chennai on July 24.

Adding to it, Babushan and Prakruti Mishra also did not join the Utkal Divas program in Chennai. It has been learnt that the Producer had asked Babushan not to go to the event to avoid any untoward incident and as a courtesy.

The team further added that they have no idea about Babushan’s whereabouts.

Notably, Kharvel Nagar Police Police also served notices to actors Babushan and Prakruti based on the complaint filed by Trupti Satpathy.

As both the actors are out of the state, they have been asked to appear in person at the police station after their arrival in Bhubaneswar. While a case under section 498 ‘A’ has been registered against Babushan, a case under IPC section 506 has been registered against his co-actor Prakruti.

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