Amazing! Tiny tot pays respect to Indian soldier, Internet overwhelmed

In a heartwarming Video clip, a small girl touches the feet of an Indian soldier. The video seems to have been recorded inside a metro station. It was shared by a Twitter user named Vijay Kumar.

In the viral video, the small girl wearing a black outfit is seen approaching the army men who are stationed at a metro. One of the officers approaches her while pulling her cheeks as she looks at him, but the girl quickly kneels down and touches his feet out of respect.

It’s clearly seen in the video that the Soldiers’ happiness know no bounds due to the sweet gesture by the tiny girl.

More than 1.1 million people have seen the video on Twitter since it was shared. More than 83,000 people have liked it, and hundreds of users have retweeted it.

The video is going viral on all social media platforms.

This little girl is being praised for her thoughtful act and her “sanskar” on social media.

We are sure, this video must be bringing smile on every face who watches it.

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