AI-Piloted “Flying Hotel Of The Future” That Never Lands

The internet is divided into a video depicting grand plans for a futuristic floating “hotel” that could accommodate 5,000 people and stay in the air for extended periods.

Animator Hashem Al-Ghaili uploaded the CGI video of the “Sky Cruise” ship to YouTube. A huge jet resembles a cross between a space station and a massive cruise ship floating above the clouds. The video promises that in addition to directing the spacecraft, AI would foresee and prevent any turbulence, allowing the craft to “glide over the turbulence with ease.”

Sky Cruise would allegedly have no carbon impact thanks to 20 electric engines “producing clean, nuclear energy,” according to the video, which features designs by Tony Holmsten and animation by Mr. Al-Ghaili.

The cruiser would be powered by nuclear energy, guided by artificial intelligence (AI), and have a disc-shaped viewing tower where passengers could view amazing skyscapes from above the clouds, according to the designers’ description.

The designers also claim that the floating ship could maintain its altitude for years at a time while being accessed by electric private or commercial aircraft that could land on top of the cruiser and transport people and goods to and from it.

The voiceover in the video highlights numerous bars and restaurants, swimming pools, viewing decks, cinemas and theatres, and games rooms, as well as wedding venues available for couples to get married above the clouds. It is positioned as a leisure vacation destination similar to a luxury cruise ship.

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