51 feet tall Lord Ganesh idol to come up in Bhubaneswar this year during puja

Bhubaneswar: Ahead of Lord Ganesh puja this year, educational institutes as well as commercial units have already started preparation for the upcoming puja. Yet, good news is that this year a tall Lord Ganesh statue will be witnessed at a Mandap in the capital city of Odisha during Ganesh puja which will be observed on the last day of this month.

As per reports, a 51 feet high statue of Lord Ganesha is in making which will be worshiped and exhibited on the puja day this year at the Badagad area in Bhubaneswar. Lord Ganesh puja has been going on at this pandal since 1985.

The extremely tall state of Lord Ganesha is being made using plaster of Paris, bamboo and thermocol, said Sangam Martha, secretary of the Bright Star Youth Association of Badagada area. Not only the statue, but the laddoo and the rat statue are also being made attractive, said some members of the club.

Artisans from Jatni area have been engaged to erect this tall statue of the Lord. A ladoo weighting 50 kg is being made for the God. Similarly, a 6 feet high rat statue is also being made.

During the Lord Ganesh puja this year, besides the tall statue, visitors will also witness cultural programmes for four days along with Mina Bazar. It has been estimated that this year a total expenditure of more than Rs 12 lakh will be spent for idol making, lighting and immersion procession in this club for Lord Ganesh puja.

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