19th anniversary of Kadambini & 8th anniversary of Kuni Katha held

Lord Jagannath is the greatest artist of the world, said renowned Hindi writer and littérateur Udayan Vajpayee. Padma Shri Kamala Pujari from Koraput was conferred with the Kadambini Samman on this occasion

Bhubaneswar: Kadambini Media hosted the 19th anniversary of Odisha’s premiere monthly family magazine ‘Kadambini’ and the 8th anniversary of the premiere Odia monthly magazine for Kids and teenagers, ‘Kuni Katha’ at Rabindra Mandap in Bhubaneswar on July 2.

Renowned Hindi poet, writer and litterateur Udayan Vajpayee graced the occasion as the chief guest. Addressing the gathering he said, “Lord Jagannath is the greatest artist of the world.”

In his speech, Vajpayee narrated the episode when he had been to the Lord’s abode in Puri. He was extremely happy to get a glimpse of Lord Jagannath at the Shree Mandira. Yet, as he saw that the Lord has big round eyes he became curious. And, after a little bit of enquiry finally, he was of the opinion that the Lord is astonished to see His own creation; for which His eyes are so big.

Vajpayee narrated that in Odissi dance we can see when the dancer gets astonished his/her eyes become big. It is a ‘mudra’ of the classical dance.

19th anniversary
Padma Shri Kamala Pujari is being conferred with the Kadambini Samman

“Earlier India was completely an artistic country. However, after the advent of the colonial rule the erstwhile country was transformed into an agricultural country,” he further said.

Vajpayee stressed that there cannot be a society without literature and culture. Even if we have developed a lot in science and technology, till art, culture and literature are not getting enough focus that this field deserves.

“Where science ends, from there begins art, culture and literature. Besides, culture also contributes towards brotherhood,” he opined.

The chief speaker of the 19th anniversary of ‘Kadambini’, renowned journalist Ashutosh Bhardwaj described tribal culture as age-old. He said that it would be more appropriate to call tribal people as ‘Jangalbasi’ (Forest dwellers) than ‘Adivasi’.

He went on to narrate that these forest dwellers look down upon city culture. They have their own gods and goddesses. City dwellers actually exploit the forest for mines and industry. It is the reason the tribal people don’t acknowledge the city culture. And hence, even they describe the culture and heritage of the mainstream in some different way.

Tribal people in Jharkhand are seen worshipping Mahisasura denouncing Goddess Durga. And the reason is, that they are being exploited by the city people they don’t want to take up the new culture. Rather they are happy with their own culture and heritage.

Another speaker, administrator and litterateur Bijaya Nayak said that Kadambini has created many small histories. At times the magazine comes up with special editions which receive immense applause from the readers.

Editor of Kadambini and Kuni Katha, renowned writer and litterateur Dr Iti Samanta delivered the welcome speech. Besides the formalities, she narrated an episode from her childhood. She said: “During my childhood, my mother used to visit Tatanagar frequently. My father was working there and my elder brother had inherited his position after his demise. Being a child of seven years my mother used to take me with her always. Back then we were poor. Hence, my mother was buying only one ticket for her. I was always travelling without a ticket. Once after getting down at Tatanagar station my mother took hold me in her lap and tried to pass through the TTI. The TTI asked for my ticket. Yet, as my mother intimated that I do not have a ticket, the TTI asked her to leave me with him and leave. In the meanwhile I tore out attire of the TTI so furiously, he helplessly asked my mother to take me with her. That small girl has now turned out as the editor of ‘Kadambini’.”

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It will not be an exaggeration to say that Dr Iti became a little bit emotional during her speech to see that her brainchild ‘Kadambini’ has successfully passed 19 long years. Dr Samant also mentioned that she is missing her brother Lok Sabha MP and founder of Kadambini, Kuni Katha, KIIT and KISS Dr Achyuta Samanta as the later was not present on this occasion due to some urgent work in Delhi.

Governor of Jharkhand Smt Draupadi Murmu was supposed to be the chief guest of the function. However, as her daughter was unwell she could not attend the event, Dr Iti Samanta mentioned in her speech.

cover page of 'Mudrita Nayika'
Book cover page of ‘Mudrita Nayika’ by Dr. Iti Samanta

Legendary writer Bibhuti Pattnaik presided over the function. On this occasion, Padma Shri Kamala Pujari was conferred with the Kadmabini Samman. The tribal lady from Koraput was given Rs. 50,000 as a token of love.

The 19th anniversary of ‘Kadambini’ also witnessed the release of the July edition of ‘Kadambini’ and ‘Kuni Katha’ on the stage. Besides, the book ‘Mudrita Nayika’, written by Dr Iti Samanta was also released on this occasion. The book has been published by Kadambini Media.

On the occasion of the 19th anniversary of ‘Kadambini’, the following dignitaries were honoured with the respective awards.

  • Kadambini Galpa Samman (award for stories) – Golap Manjari Kar
  • Kadambini Kabita Samman (award for poems) – Soubhagyabanta Maharana
  • Kadambini Anubad Samman (award for translation works) – Prabasini Mahakud & Prabhakara Swain
  • Kadambini prachhadasilpi samman (award for cover design) – Bibhabati Dash
  • Kadambini Ama Rosei (award for cooking) & Barnika Patnaik Smruti Puraskar – Sweta Rout
  • Kadambini Priya Pathaka Sambardhana (award for reader) – Harekrushna Dash & Akshyata Arun
  • Kunikatha Priya Lekhaka Samman (writer award) – Nagendranath Pattanaik
  • Kunikatha Kuni-Pratibha Puraskar (Talent award) – Ipsita Biswal
  • Kadambini Galpa Unnwesha Puraskar (award for stories) – Parambir Chakra, Dileswar Rana, Swadesh Patra
  • Kadambini Kabya Unmesha Purashkar (Award for the novel) – Dayanidhi Parida, Rashmiranjan Sahu, Swagatika Nayak

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