Woman wearing rat cage heels video goes viral, watch

A woman wearing a pair of shoes with rat cage heels was seen in a video recently. After being posted to Instagram the video has gone viral earning more than 2,229,668 likes.

Posted by Instagram user inmyseams four days ago the rat cage heels video has so far garnered 2,229,668 likes as well as 14823 comments.

We can see in the video that a woman is standing by the roadside wearing a pair of black outfit and high heel shoes. The extraordinary thing about the lady is that she has worn a pair of shoes while a pair of rat cage heels have been fitted to her black shoes.

While there are also mice present inside the rat cage, reports say that these are fake rats. The woman has been shot from her back side in the video.

The bizarre video has not only earned a lot of likes but it has also earned a large number of comments. A few of the most relevant comments are here.

They’re not alive…right…please say no

Animal abuse

My flabber is GHASTED…

The rats control her walking

These remind me of shoes I saw long ago (I’m 76!) and instead of cages, they had fish bowls with goldfish in them

Even if they are not real why promoting to such a thing like that i can’t understand how brainless some human can be


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