Woman Terrified After Spotting Ghostly Figure In A Group Pic In UK

A woman is spending sleepless nights after spotting a ghost like figure in one of the pictures that she had clicked with her friends during a in-house party months ago.

The incident dates back to October, but the picture went viral around a day ago as the story surfaced on social media.

Rebecca Glassborow, 30, lives in the Coventry city of England partied with her friends in her flats and all of them rounded off the celebration with a group picture. According to Mirror, a group of seven posed together for a picture, but were taken aback by the haunting figure that had joined them in group photo.

In the photo, a washed out ghost-like woman with dark hair can be seen hovering behind the group who are smiling and posing with drinks.

“It’s a photo that sends a shiver down your spine – it’s actually quite scary,” said Rebecca.

“We were like, ‘oh what’s that?’, it was quite freaky. We were all a bit freaked out and looked around the room as if to say ‘what could that have been?'”, she added.

Rebecca says she’s been having trouble sleeping and is convinced the block of flats could be haunted. She’d previously heard a rumour that a woman had died in the bath of the flat where she and her friends had taken their group photo.

Rebecca neighbour who lives in this flat says ‘well, you should be more afraid of the living than the dead.

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