Woman creates Instagram account to find kindergarten friend; know viral story

In an amazing incident two kindergarten friends were able to reunite as one of them created an Instagram account dedicated to searching her

The Internet has allowed people all around the world to be able to connect with each other despite the distance. While some are using it to meet new people, some are trying to maintain a long-distance relationship. But who knew, the Internet- social media to be specific- would be able to reunite lost friends?

Yes, you read it right. An Instagram user Neha (@heyyneha), made a separate account dedicated to her kindergarten friend in hopes of tracking her down. She usernamed the account @finding_lakshita and wrote, “I’m on a mission to find my long lost childhood friend. Lakshita age – 21, her brother’s name was Kunal” on the bio.

She also posted a childhood pic of her friend on that account. Neha then texted all the girls called Lakshita on Instagram and eventually found Lakshita Jetawal, the girl in the old school photograph.

Neha also took to her account to share a video elaborating the details story of her successful online search. She captioned the post, “Finalllyyyyy!!! I found you.” She further wrote, “Well….finding you wasn’t easy but I did it anyways HAHA! Getting in touch with you almost after 18 years feels unreal. So I had a friend named “Lakshita” in LKG (2006) And she went to Jaipur so I lost contact with her. I couldn’t even remember her surname. And then…..”


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The video has garnered more than 8 million views and tons of comments. Commenting on it, an Instagram user joked, “Acp pradyuman wants to know your location”. Another person wrote, “Literal definition of “if they wanted they would””.

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