Cuteness Overloaded! 4-Year-Old Returns Home With “Baby Deer Friend” Whom He Befriended While Playing Outside

The internet is currently swooning over the friendship of a 4-year-old boy and a baby deer. The child made a befriend the deer while he was playing outside and brought him home for a treat.

The story was shared by the little boy’s mother, Stephanie Brown, in her Facebook account with an adorable picture of the 4-year-old boy and the deer standing together at the door. The picture has gone viral on the internet.

Reportedly, the family was vacationing in Massanutten Resort in Virginia where the young boy found his new friend while he was playing outside and returned home with his deer friend.

Stephanie said she was busy packing her stuff to leave from the resort in Massanutten on Tuesday morning when she heard the dootsteps of her baby boy whose name is Dominic. However, she was shocked after she saw the scene outside – the boy standing with his new friend, the baby deer at the door, as per NBC 12 reports.

“I saw him and the baby deer standing next to each other almost to come inside!! I was completely shocked! I froze for a second because I literally didn’t know what to do,” She said to NBC 12.

She immediately took a picture of the two to capture this precious moment of a rare friendship between the baby boy and the deer.

Later, she posted the picture on Facebook and wrote, “Dominic really went outside and brought a deer back.”

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“Dominic named his new friend, “Flash,” the superhero, to acknowledge the pair’s brief encounter. When she asked the boy where he found the deer, he replied that the deer was by itself he found it,” Stephanie said WWBT.

Stephanie also told WWBT that her son wanted to give it cereal to eat. Stephanie said that the boy and the baby deer were very casual and made it look like it was an everyday occurrence for them and nothing out of the ordinary, so it was very precious.

The viral adorable pic is winning hearts of the people with cuteness as the photo has been shared more than 33,000 times with 22k likes and 5.7k comments.

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